Neither its beginning nor end indefinable, likewise time Anyway it lies on side, it is infinity.

You start from somewhere and then get back, your turn finishes but will start again.

Like around the clock, like the seasons.

For you, it may be the end and will start again, likewise birth, life and death.

Seems like the previous turn, but it also different.

Egalitarian and fair, the number is most dichotomous, nothing is left outdoors.

Its lines are beautiful, soft, nice and warm, and without sharpness and hardness.

Knows both squirming and standing tall, as required, even though it seems about to lie on side, succeeds in standing in that balance on its very thin base.

Both occupies a place in space and has its own boundaries, is completely limited.

All around but not likewise zero, not far as zero. It allowed its surrounding right into middle, as far as possible, didn't become introverted.

Without the bulky nothingness of zero, at the very most it can be zero which is loved so much and is hugged from back and is embraced, for that reason, 8 is a happy number.

Making a sign to suitable time period in order to step into action, which is limitedness in some way.

It is the necessity that the person who is bored of limitations of emotional life should go out of circle, curve, oval, that, and will go out of.

It is remembering that the life is a circle with down and up.

When talking about mental and physical handicaps, being tied hand and foot, trying to catch own tail into the vicious circle; number 8 seems like another limitedness sign, again, it is a manacle this time.

The eight of talismans also estimates learning, espousing and obeying the limits in order to get beyond the limits in the future. 8 is a way flowing in itself.

8, I guess, is an extension of sevenfold sky faith and also coming to an end in the way taken and excelling

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